Fees and Costs

About Legal Fees and Costs

The bankruptcy court charges a $310 fee to file a Chapter 13 case, and a $335 fee to file a Chapter 7 case. My professional fees will vary, depending on which chapter works best for you and complexity of your case.

In a Chapter 13 case, I will be paid the majority of my fees automatically as you send your monthly payments into the Trustee.

For a Chapter 7 case, I will provide you with a proposed engagement agreement after we have reviewed and processed your financial information.  The agreement will outline the terms of representation should you choose to retain our firm’s legal services.  Proposing a fee before I can review your financial information is like bidding a construction job without blueprints. I wait to quote a fee until I have a chance to evaluate your unique circumstances.

In most cases, we can get your case set up for a small up-front retainer, in addition to the filing fee.  We can help you pick a filing option between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, make a bankruptcy plan and work toward a filing date when you are able to gather the remaining fee.  The balance of your Chapter 7 fees, however, must be paid in full before your case is actually filed or I become a creditor and can’t collect the remainder of my fee after your bankruptcy petition is filed.

One bit of free advice: If your credit is already “shot” and you’re reasonably certain that you need to file a bankruptcy petition, stop making credit card payments. Save a month or two of those payments to cover your attorney fees and costs of filing. In my opinion, it’s bad planning to be current on your credit card bills on the day your case is filed: paying until the bitter end will not earn you any “points” on your credit score.