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Looking for a new financial beginning? The Law Office of Marji Hanson offers dedicated legal services exclusively in the area of consumer bankruptcy law. Marji can help you manage or even eliminate debt. In most cases, she can either work out a plan to repay the money you owe over time or completely discharge most of your bills.  Feel free to contact Marji by email or directly by phone.

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Bankruptcy can help put you on a path to a brighter future.

Thinking about filing for bankruptcy relief can be intimidating and you may feel overwhelmed. Bankruptcy can seem frightening because, in most cases, you don’t have any frame of reference with the process. There are two things you need to do first: call Marji to talk about the process and what you can expect and map out your next steps and get organized. 

Use our Client Preparation Questionnaire to provide us with the information that we’ll need to complete your bankruptcy statements. The document will open automatically when you click on it. Just print it, fill it in and either send it in advance or bring it to your first appointment. Feel free to print as many copies of various pages as needed. Note: If you get prompted to enter authentication information while opening the form, just click on “Cancel”.

Then contact the firml to make an appointment for a free consultation.

Contact Marji to get your questions answered and to get the process started so you can stop losing sleep worrying about your financial future.

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