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What happens to my 2020 tax refund if I need to file for bankruptcy relief in 2021?

What happens to my 2020 tax refund if I need to file for bankruptcy relief in 2021? Read More
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Tax Debts in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Tax Debts in Chapter 7 - Some income tax debts can be discharged, but there are many restrictions on the scope of the discharge/forgiveness of debt. Call my office at 801-478-0479 to review your options. Read More
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Can I Discharge (Eliminate) Government Fines in Bankruptcy?

Find out if you can discharge fines and penalties imposed by a federal, state or municipal governmental unit in Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. Read More
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Avoiding Judgment Liens on Your Home – Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13

Can a bankruptcy filing help you avoid judgment liens on your home’s title? Chapter 7 (often referred to as “straight” bankruptcy) and other debts related to the home. However, avoiding judgment liens on your home is a common tool that can be u… Read More
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Considering Divorce and Bankruptcy? Consider Both Together.

Money problems are a leading cause of divorce. In many cases, at least one party is contemplating filing bankruptcy at the same time the couple is considering divorce. Keep in mind that in Utah, both spouses are equally responsible for debts incurred… Read More
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My law practice focuses exclusively on consumer bankruptcy law. I can help you decide if bankruptcy will solve your problems and which program, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, is best suited to meet your financial needs. I have learned about the bankruptcy system in the District of Utah from the inside out.

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