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I can’t thank you enough for helping me with the bankruptcy process. It’s honestly the best decision I ever made! I’ve saved money, upped my retirement, paid off my private student loan, and am throwing money at my federal loans now with the goal of payoff in under two years. Last night I heard people talking about waiting to do something because they don’t get paid for another week. I realized I no longer live in that paycheck-to-paycheck anxiety and it’s a great feeling. I also feel I can provide for my loved ones when needed. We are even in the pre-approval process for a home—in September I’ll be able to get a loan for one since it’ll be two years since discharge! My credit score is at 719 (from 534 right after bankruptcy. All is well.

– Stefanie J.

Marji Hanson came highly recommended to me and I’m so glad I took that recommendation! Ms. Hanson was professional, compassionate, thorough, and knowledgeable. She made a scary, embarrassing situation manageable and as easy and painless as possible. She made sure everything was in order before the court date and kept good communication.

– Julie K.

Clearly, nobody wants to go through a bankruptcy. When my business failed, I went from a position of financial strength and independence to a position of feeling trapped and very vulnerable.

I'm grateful for Marji's help and counsel through the process. The way she explained my options, and her counsel on what she thought would be in my best interest, helped me make the required decisions and feel good about the outcome. She didn't try to persuade me in one direction or the other. Rather, she helped me see the potential outcome of each path and how my future might look, depending on which path I took.

I would and have recommended Marji Hanson to friends who might be in a position to need an attorney for such challenging circumstances.

– Mel A.

Having a lawyer that is not only knowledgeable but willing to put the client first, is worth their weight in gold. Marji is priceless!! I filed a Chapter 7, and am so glad I did. Marji made the process straightforward. She explained things, clearly (steps and process, what to expect and when). She’ll work hard for you and set you up for success. If you’re living paycheck to paycheck, feel overwhelmed and hopeless, Marji will show you the light at the end of the tunnel.

– Lauralyn W.

I am 70 years old and I had a lot - A LOT - of medical debt. I had been working and struggling to pay my monthly payments for years. THEN, I had to quit my work due to a medical condition. There was no way I could pay my debts without a job. I had no choice but to declare bankruptcy. I felt overwhelmed with all that I assumed had to be done to prepare for the bankruptcy. I was so humiliated that I couldn't pay my own debts and...

– Kathy C.

Marji was with us every step of the way. She always had an answer to even the dumbest questions without making you feel dumb.

– Michelle W.

Marji knows her stuff. I’m very satisfied with the results I got working with her. I already know of someone who is going to give her a call soon based on my recommendation. Thanks Marji!

– Dan F.

Marji Hanson helped me through a very rough time when my 23 year old business was forced to close. Her knowledge & experience was obvious during my entire Chapter 7 Bankruptcy experience. She provided me with the information I needed to make some very hard decisions. She is supportive & compassionate while being realistic and direct. I will recommend her to anyone who requires excellent legal advice.

– Michael T.

Marji went out of her way to ensure that filing for bankruptcy was as easy and stress free as possible. Her extensive knowledge and experience allows her the ability to go into all situations with confidence. She is approachable and respectful and made me feel comfortable asking her any questions. It was a real pleasure working with her despite the situation being difficult.

– Emily C.

Marji Hanson is outstanding in her field. She knows the law and she treated me with such respect and professionalism throughout the entire, difficult process. Her procedures leading up to the filing and post-filing are thorough, with great attention to detail. She is always looking out for the best interest of her client. Throughout each and every consultation, the client is number one and the focus of her attention. Marji is the best!

– Stella T.

Marji Hanson is a wonderful attorney and woman. I am so grateful to her for the help she has given me and my family over the years. In the past 15 years she has helped several different family members of mine that were in financial trouble. Most recently, she helped my husband with his bankruptcy. She made it easy and painless. We love her!

– Lori B.

Marji walked me thru this ordeal in a way that resulted in me understanding what was going on and what I needed to do to get it done. When we went in front of the trustee there were 5 other cases and mine was the only one that the trustee did not have a problem with; she smoked them all, it was like an expert racing a novice. The result could not have been better.

– Kevin D.V.

I did a lot of research before choosing Marji Hanson as our bankruptcy lawyer and not only was she extremely competent, meticulous and organized but compassionate, caring and very easy to talk to. She was even recommended to me by other lawyers. I used to do videos for trial lawyers so I’ve worked with many during my career and she is my all-time favorite! These past year 2 years that brought us to the point of filing bankruptcy has been the most difficult time in our lives, but Marji Hanson made the bankruptcy process completely stress-free. Obviously, I highly recommend Margie for a lawyer that’s not all talk and flash. She is honest, straightforward, affordable and actually cares about her clients.

– Candace C.

After an extremely contentious divorce I was left with such large business debts and capital gains tax debt that I had no recourse other than to file for bankruptcy relief. Marji is knowledgeable, professional and her fees are reasonable. She was able to steer me through a difficult time with very good results. I highly recommend Marji Hanson as legal counsel.

– Deb S.

Working with Marji was such a pleasure at such a difficult time. She was very professional and gave me great advise, she was always on top of things so there were no unexpected surprises and the whole process ran smooth. I would highly recommend Marji Hanson.

– Veloy R.

Two years ago I faced the reality that after my 25 year relationship ended, my daughter was in another state in ICU and I had recently retired and adjusting to a new level of limited income — that I could not maintain the credit card debt with consistent 25 – 29 % interest. I had attempted to negotiate with the companies and they made some effort to help but it was not enough. A friend located Marji Hanson’s Law firm and I made the leap. Marji could not have made it any easier for me. My fee was reasonable. What was needed from me was made clear from the beginning and provided right away and Marji did all the work and kept me informed in a timely manner and was right there beside me in court all the was. I could not have been more pleased. I appreciated her genuine support and caring and the manner that she eased an uncomfortable situation for me. I can recommend Marji without reservation.

– Ellen M. Ban

When I first looked into filing for bankruptcy, Marji sat with me and took the time to explain all my options and what each option would entail. She gave me thoughtful, sound advice that she would have given her own child, so I was confident that she wasn't just trying to make a dime. Throughout the process she was there to explain and re-explain everything I needed. Honestly, I don't think I would have been able to handle the stress and burden of what I was going through without her by my side. I highly recommend her for both her expertise as well as her professionalism.

– Whitney B.

Excellent thank you again for the help.

I'm glad to have found your help. I didn't see the calamity until I was in the middle of it.

And it was a lot to handle.

Your expertise made it bearable.

– Larry F.

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